Have a little Olaf doodle! c:

Not sure if I’ll colour this but I just wanted to share it with you guys c:

This whole artwork was one big experiment for me, I drew this on a whim when bf requested it and tried a lot of different watercolour techniques c:
I also used masking fluid which scared the shit out of me!
I was really scared it would rip my cheap paper, which it did, but in the end it looks pretty ok.
The force shield didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to but at least I tried!

Been getting more and more into warhammer! The books, the miniatures and I’ve been interested in the game for a while.
I have a space wolves army… but I still need to paint pretty much all of it xD

Well I hope you’ll like it!

A part of an Lsp drawing that I never finished, she’s still naked… poor little Lumpy space princess :c

Maybe one day you’ll get dressed and coloured <3

Look at those cute little Tyranid ripper swarms x)
I love how almost all Tyranids have those long creeper tongues out of their mouth!! XD

Tyranids and space wolves ftw <3

Youn Anna of Arendelle <3
My first attempt at drawing a kid LOL, I think it vame out kind of nice o3o
I’ve seen sooo many gifs and pictrues of Frozen that I got all hyped up, unfortunately I can’t watch the movie since it doesn’t air in english and I REFUSE do watch the Dutch version ò___ó

Can’t wait until the dvd/bluray release I’m gonna watch the shit out of that movie!
I just really thought Anna and Elsa looked so cute as kids.

Mah birdy bird o 3 o
Drew this yesterday night after my power nap… I love this custom brush in Sai! <3


I wish you all a great 2014 filled with arts and fun times Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1]

To some of us this year has been a struggle but a new year brings new opportunities c:
So lets try to make the best of it next year!!

Thanks for all of you who have watched me, took the time to look at my art and appreciate it.
It means a whole lot to me, more than I can tell you ;///A//;
 I hope to see you all in the next year!! :iconsweethugplz:

So be safe and have fun in your last hours of this year! :iconladummydateplz: