My part of the art trade with UmeMuhinyi99 :iconumemuhinyi99:
Would have wanted to upload this earlier but somehow stuff kept interfering >:C

Adventure Timeeee!!

Been having a lot of fun drawing this little art piece, it’s a little tribute to a game a friend made, hence the name “the fantastic Finn launcher” XD
It’s not exactly the adventure time but I tried lol c:

You can find the game here:…

It was made during a game jam, enjoy :iconcocoloveplz:

I really  felt like digitally colouring a drawing so I took this old Pb sketch I had lying around.
I think she looks kinda cute like that ;//A//;

:iconfryplz:  And yess… she’s naked!
Apparently my sketch did not contain her clothes and I was too lazy to try and edit that xD

Have a little Olaf doodle! c:

Not sure if I’ll colour this but I just wanted to share it with you guys c:

This whole artwork was one big experiment for me, I drew this on a whim when bf requested it and tried a lot of different watercolour techniques c:
I also used masking fluid which scared the shit out of me!
I was really scared it would rip my cheap paper, which it did, but in the end it looks pretty ok.
The force shield didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to but at least I tried!

Been getting more and more into warhammer! The books, the miniatures and I’ve been interested in the game for a while.
I have a space wolves army… but I still need to paint pretty much all of it xD

Well I hope you’ll like it!

A part of an Lsp drawing that I never finished, she’s still naked… poor little Lumpy space princess :c

Maybe one day you’ll get dressed and coloured <3